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Custom Clothiers: A Quick Look At This Valuable Service For The Average Consumer

If you are like the majority of shoppers, shopping for clothing will mean you head to your favorite retailer and simply pick something off of the rack that you think will fit and suits you. However, there are a select group of people who see shopping for clothing as a totally different, more personalized experience because they shop with a custom clothier like Mario Rojas Custom Clothiers. You may think that this high-end service is something you cannot afford, but the fact is, custom clothiers are more accessible and affordable now than they have ever been before. And this is definitely a service you should get more familiar with as an average clothing consumer. 

What exactly does a custom clothier do?

A custom clothier takes your body measurements to create clothing pieces specifically designed to fit your body shape and type. Custom clothiers are especially trained in working with clothing pieces to ensure they have the right fit and style to be suitable for your style preferences. You can actually work with one of these professionals to create custom clothing pieces in styles and color choices that you may never be able to find in a store‚Äďand even if you did, they likely wouldn’t fit just right.

What are the advantages of working with a custom clothier?

The primary advantage of working with a custom clothier is the fact that the clothing pieces you obtain, whether it is pants and slacks or shirts and jackets, will fit your body type just right. Not only will the clothing fit to your personal measurements as it should, you can opt for alterations to suit your own preferences. For example, if you prefer your shirts to have a slightly lengthier hemline, your clothier can adjust your shirts to ensure that is what you get. 

Is it true you don’t even have to visit a store for measurements in some cases?

It actually is. One of the more modern takes on custom tailored clothing involves technology. Some custom clothiers offer an app that you use on your smartphone to take your own measurements, which are then submitted so clothing can be ordered in a precise size. While the tailored clothing ordered in this fashion may not be quite as precise as what they would be if you went in for measurements, the pieces will likely fit you far better than something you simply but off the rack at a clothing store. 

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Making A Tasteful Fashion Statement In The Workplace When You’re Expecting

If you consider yourself to be a fashion icon at the office, you may initially think that your reign will come to an end because you are pregnant. Although there are plenty of fashion forward maternity designers on the market, not all women are in a position to completely overhaul their wardrobes. Consider these suggestions to help you get more wear out of your wardrobe, while enjoying a comfortable pregnancy and still looking great in the workplace.

Re-purposing Pieces Already In Your Closet

Although you may need to put away all your skinny jeans and pencil skirts for the time being, it is likely that you have plenty of other clothing that will flatter your figure throughout your pregnancy. Leggings are extremely stretchy, and they will accommodate your stomach as it grows outward. Paired with a bohemian caftan, you will be able to move freely about your workplace while earning lots of compliments.

Oversized sweaters, high-waisted jeans, flowing skirts, and any other piece with an elastic waistband can safely be worn, so long as the fabric does not cut off circulation or irritate your skin. You may feel more comfortable wearing a tank top or thin t-shirt under your jackets and blazers, which can add a layer styled flare to your evolving sense of fashion. 

Buying New Staple Pieces

As you progress in your pregnancy, adding new pieces can help to give you new opportunities to add more pizzazz to your wardrobe. Don’t think that wearing roomier clothes means that you have to hide your body, but think of it as an opportunity to try new things. Luxurious bohemian caftans come in a range of beautiful colors to allow your natural beauty to shine through.

Bohemian caftans are versatile, so you can easily dress them up or down depending on your mood. Adding just a handful of bohemian caftans to your closet can make a major impact on your entire wardrobe.

Accessorizing With Style

Perhaps the easiest way to adjust to pregnancy without changing your entire wardrobe is choosing the right accessories. Jewelry, scarves, and belts can be switched around to give you different looks, and the right choice of footwear can make you look and feel great. Most of the accessories that you already have in your closet can probably be used during your entire pregnancy, so make sure that you try out as many different combinations as possible.

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Taking Dance Lessons In Anticipation Of Your Wedding? What Should You Wear?

If you’re planning to surprise the guests at your upcoming wedding reception with a showstopping dance number, you may already be taking lessons with your betrothed in anticipation of your big moment. However, dancing in a wedding dress and shoes — or a tuxedo — can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re doing a complicated number that requires spins, flips, or sliding across the dance floor. What can you do to avoid ruining your expensive wedding ensemble while ensuring you hit every beat? Read on to learn more about some clothing and accessories that can allow you to maintain a refined, classy look at your wedding reception while dancing the night away.

What factors will you want to consider when selecting your dance outfit? 

The first is comfort. Although you’ll want to look sophisticated in front of your guests (especially as you’re likely to be permanently preserved in photos and video), you’ll also want to enjoy yourself — and constantly tugging at your dress’s bodice or suffering through a dance in too-tight shoes can quickly ruin any fun you’re having. Your self-consciousness or discomfort can also shine through in your dancing, tarnishing the mood you’ve worked so hard to create. You’ll want to ensure your clothing is loose enough to accommodate your dancing (including splits and kicks) to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. Look for simple lines and high-quality materials to help you find an outfit that will give you the room to move without appearing sloppy. 

The next factor to be considered is safety. If you have the opportunity to practice your dance a few times on the floor you’ll actually be using, this is ideal — but if not, you’ll want to make sure the shoes you select have enough grip to prevent you from slipping and falling. If you or your partner will be sliding across the floor during part of your number, you’ll also want pants made from a slick material that won’t risk snagging or causing a painful floor burn.  

What are your best clothing options when executing a complicated dance routine?

For women, some ideal dancing outfit options can include a short (or short-ish) cocktail-style dress or a dress with a flared skirt, as both can provide comfort and sophistication. Depending upon the dances you’ve planned, you may need to wear high heels to put you at the right height compared to your new spouse — and if these heels are more than kitten height, you may want to reinforce the soles of your shoes with rubbery grips that will prevent you from slipping or rolling your ankle. 

For men, losing the tuxedo jacket and wearing a simple vest and satin dance pants can give you flexibility without requiring you to change your look too much. Those who really want to steal the show or provide the audience with a surprise dance number may even opt for tear-away pants. 

For men’s ballroom dance pants, contact a company such as Randall Designs

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How To Care For Your Leather Handbag

You’ve probably had a leather handbag or two in your lifetime, but have you ever really taken good care of one, and not simply used it until it looks awful and then moved onto another bag? You can make those leather handbags last a lot longer by giving them the proper care necessary. See below for care tips for your leather handbag.

Water Or Rain Damage

If your leather bag happens to get caught in the rain, don’t fret. Take your leather bag into a dry area and carefully wipe off as much water as possible. Then allow it to dry in a warm area (close to a vent or radiator if possible, but not too close that it dries it out). For bags that are heavily water damaged, empty everything out of the bag and stuff it with something to help it hold its shape, such as newspaper. Then allow it to dry in a warm area. To help prevent water damage from occurring, you can weatherproof your bag using a waterproofing leather cream on your bag. You can find this type of cream or oil at your local grocery store or at a leather store.

Dried Out Or Crack Damage

After time, leather can dry out and crack or even peel. If it’s just beginning to crack or just feels rough, it can be repaired by using a leather handbag cream to restore the natural oils to the leather. You can also use vegetable oil or coconut cream applied to the leather. Be sure to test the cream or oil to an inconspicuous area first so you do not damage the entire bag. For bags that have started to peel from being too dried out, it may be time to replace your handbag.

Scratching Damage

Some leather can scratch easily, especially if it is a little dried out. To help repair these scratches, apply a small amount of vegetable oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil or even baby oil to a clean rag. Then lightly rub the scratch with the oil on the rag to help “buff” out the scratch. You’ll notice the scratch disappear. You may need to blend the area with the rest of your bag, so just rub a little more oil to the rest of your bag if need be to help blend it in.

Other General Care Tips

  • Oils on your hand can transfer to your leather bag, try your best to keep your hands clean before touching your bag. Especially if you’ve just applied lotion to your hands, allow them to dry before touching the bag.
  • Keep your handbag stuffed with tissue paper to help keep its shape when not in use.
  • Use handbag protector bags when not in use to help prevent dust from building up on your bag and drying out the leather. You can find these protective bags at most big box stores in the organizing section, or your handbag may have come with one. A new cotton (plain white) pillow case will also work.

Protecting your handbag from getting damaged by maintaining and caring for it properly is essential to keeping your bag looking like new. Contact a company like S.Marco to learn more.

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Why Blue Jeans Are For Seniors

Blue jeans are everywhere in the United States and for good reason, they are comfortable, stylish, and affordable. As you grow older, you may hear or read about the need to “dress your age,” whatever that may mean. Should you give up your blue jeans as you head for retirement and don elastic-waist pants and tasteful cardigans instead? Or can you stick with your favorite jeans until you are unable to dress yourself anymore?  


At this point in history, many people have been wearing blue jeans since they were infants. If you are old enough, you have been through the cycle of styles once or twice, including bell-bottoms, flairs, straight-legged, and skinny jeans. They are your go-to pants for a reason: they are comfortable. Even better, the longer you wear them the more comfortable they become. A good pair of jeans adapts to every curve of your body. Sure you can pay to have your jeans tailored, but many of them tailor themselves to your unique shape. Whether you are twenty or seventy, nothing is more comfortable than a good pair of jeans. 


Sure, as you age you may want to give up the latest trends, particularly if they involve a very low cut and lots of rhinestones. You can still find styles that will work for your aging body, even if you are not in tiptop shape. A nice mid-rise or natural waist pair labeled “relaxed fit” works for much of the population. You can still experiment with a variety of denim washes to keep current. In fact, you may be able to find a pair of jeans today that reminds you of your favorite pair from 30 years ago. That alone will make you feel young.


Blue jeans still have a limited place at work, but once you are retired, you can embrace your beloved denim on a daily basis. And just like the younger crowd, you can dress up your jeans with a nice blouse and blazer when you go out. You can stick with a t-shirt or sweatshirt when you are home playing with the grandkids. Blue jeans are appropriate for all ages. The only thing that will make them inappropriate for an older person is if they do not fit well. Of course, poorly fitting blue jeans are not appropriate for anyone.

You do not have to give up your blue jeans unless you want to do so. They are comfortable and appropriate for any stage of your life as long as they fit well. If you want to embrace polyester, do so, but for many people, denim is the lifelong choice.   

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Just Got Your First Job Out Of College? What To Focus On When Updating Your Wardrobe

Making the transition from college student to professional employee might be more overwhelming than you expected, especially when deciding what to wear to work. You might want to update your wardrobe, but there are so many different pieces out there that you aren’t sure what to focus on without spending a lot of money. Let the tips below give you some idea of what you should be concentrating your efforts on when you want to update the way you dress so that you can look like a true professional.

Buy Jackets Regularly

Unlike sweaters, jackets can give you the air of an upwardly mobile professional. They can instantly dress up a lot of the pieces you already own. A crisp white jacket will work to keep you warm, of course, but it can also dress up that simple black dress in your closet.

Look for jackets that are somewhat fitted. Avoid jackets that seem boxy or large, even if they are comfortable; at work, you’ll need to look well-put together, and jackets that cinch in the waist or are tailored to fit your body are better choices. Add to your jacket collection regularly so you have multiple looks.

Buy Better Quality Items

You may balk at the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive jacket or a new suit, but keep in mind the old saying that “you get what you pay for.” The quality of expensive garments may help them last longer than other clothing, so that you won’t have to spend money to replace the item year after year.

You might not always have to pay retail price for your better quality clothes. You may be able to find and buy expensive clothing by using online coupons, thrift stores and online auctions. You may even live near a secondhand store where you can find good-quality jackets on sale, for instance.

Learn to Love Accessories

One of the things that really pulls together an outfit is the ability to accessorize well. You may already have necklaces and bracelets that are tasteful enough to wear to work, but it’s time to really make them work for you. You might have to wear the same clothes every few weeks, but using different accessories each time you wear the same piece can create an entirely new look. For instance, you might wear your warmest navy blazer or jacket every week. Wearing it one time with a gold lariat necklace and another time with a set of pearls will give you two distinct looks.

Now that you have some ideas for updating your look for work, use the information laid out here to help you dress professionally and stylishly. Keep your eyes peeled for sales and ask coworkers and friends in the workforce for more suggestions. Contact a company like Unique Styles TX for more information.  

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3 Tips For Being An Eco Friendly New Parent

In this day and age, more and more people have become interested in living a lifestyle that is eco friendly and green. If you’re a person who is committed to sustainable, healthy living and reducing your carbon footprint, you’re sure to want to know how to continue your current lifestyle after becoming a parent. Use the following tips to be an earth friendly parent and raise your child in the healthiest manner possible:

Say No to Disposable Diapers

Disposable diapers may be convenient, but after your new child uses one and you throw it away it will sit in a landfill for many years. Cloth diapers are a green option that doesn’t have to require a ton of time, skill, or money. The cloth diapers of today are a lot different than in the past– they come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and all-in-one cloth diapers easily button or fasten without the use of any types of pins.

Make sure that you only wash cloth diapers when you have a full load to save water and energy. If possible, hang your baby’s diapers to dry outside during the warm months. Many high quality cloth diapers last for a long time, so you can use them for more than one child.

Purchase Eco Friendly Apparel

What goes on your child’s skin is very important, so when you’re looking for something that is free of chemicals and dyes, choose organic baby clothes. Most organic baby clothing is made of sustainable material such as organic cotton, soybean fiber, or bamboo fiber. These types of materials are grown without the use of pesticides or unnatural fertilizers, and they have a low environmental impact. Since organic baby clothing is not highly processed, it may also stand up better to washing and being worn often.

Make Your Own Organic Baby Food

When your baby reaches the point of starting solids, making your own organic baby food is something that is simple and easy to do. In many cases, organic vegetables can be steamed and then pureed by adding a little bit of filtered water and using a high powered blender or a hand-held immersion blender. Organic fruit typically doesn’t need to be cooked in any way to make baby food, but adding a little bit of filtered water, breast milk, or organic formula before blending it can make it much easier to create a puree that a young baby can easily consume.

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