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Motorcycle Gear For Beginners: Think Gloves Are Just For Comfort? Think Again

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Motorcycle gloves aren't just there for their looks; they're an important part of having a ride that's both comfortable and safe. Just like good pants, helmets, boots, and jackets, gloves are an integral part of motorcycle gear, and going without them is more than just uncomfortable. While it's true that they can insulate you from the vibrations of your motorcycle and protect your hands from the cold, they also have a crucial importance as a piece of safety equipment.

What's So Dangerous About Biking Without Gloves?

Have you ever tripped over something and fallen? Most likely, you tried to put out your hands to catch yourself. It's just instinct. And because it's instinct, people also do it when it's dangerous – such as when falling in a motorcycle accident. Your brain, in the heat of the moment, is acting to protect your precious head and torso, but it will sacrifice your hands to do it.

And if you think road rash is brutal on shoulders or legs, imagine what it's like for sensitive hands and fingers. They can be thoroughly torn up by abrasion with the road. The fragile bones in the fingers and hand are also at real risk of breaking in even minor accidents if they aren't protected.

What Should You Look For In Gloves?

Motorcycle gloves actually have a lot in common with other clothing; abrasion resistance is very important. Leather is a common choice for gear because of this; in general, thicker leather is more resistant to abrasion. However, while thick leather works well when made into jackets, it can be problematic as a glove material because you may lose flexibility in your fingers.

If you're interested in leather, test out multiple gloves of different thicknesses, and try to get the thickest leather that is still comfortable enough that you'll wear it. Alternatively, you can look for gloves made from materials like Kevlar or ballistic nylon. These also offer good abrasion resistance, and they may be more comfortable in wet weather than leather.

But no matter what material you choose, be sure that you get real motorcycle gloves; don't try to make do with your winter gloves or work gloves, which will just shred in contact with the road.

How About Fingerless Gloves?

If the choice is between fingerless gloves and no gloves, then fingerless gloves win. But they don't provide anywhere near the same protection as full gloves. So while they may be comfortable, you should probably save fingerless gloves for when you want to look stylish – not when you want to stay safe on the road. Visit American Biker Apparel to find gloves and any other biker apparel you need for the road.