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Hiding Body Flaws With Proper Swimwear Choices

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If you are in search for a bathing suit for an upcoming vacation or cruise, you most likely want a swimming outfit that looks flattering while you enjoy water activities. Knowing what type of body type you have will help you find the perfect suit as you will be able to look for colors, patterns and styles that draw the eyes away from less-than-perfect areas of the body and toward pleasing areas instead. Here are some tips to help you find a bathing suit you can be confident wearing.

Round Body Type

If you are on the larger side, you can cover excess weight using a one-piece bathing suit with ruching in the midriff area. Opt for a suit with a skirted bottom to hide the thighs and back-end if desired. Wear a suit with a colorful top portion to draw the eyes upward. If you have a larger chest, keep it in check with a bandeau style top. This will show off a chest without having it spill out of the suit to do so. Find a suit with embellishments around the top area to add personality to your suit. If you opt for a two-piece, wear a suit with a high-cut waist in a dark color. Adding a tie on sarong can cover trouble spots while adding femininity to your look.

Thin Body Type

Often someone with a thin body style will have a smaller bottom and bust. You have the option in wearing a very revealing suit to showcase your thin physique, or you can opt to add some voluptuous curves to draw the eyes away from thinness if you are trying to appear larger. If you wish to show off your slender build, wear a high-cut bikini bottom with a triangle bikini top. If you would rather appear curvier, wear a top with padding to accentuate the breasts and wear bottoms with ruffles or material with a fun colorful pattern to enlarge the bottom half.

Pear-Shaped Body

If your body is bigger on the bottom half, you will want to draw the eyes upward and away from the stomach and thighs by enhancing the bust line instead. Stick with a full-coverage or boy short-style bottom rather than showing more skin in an area you would rather cover. Show off cleavage with a low-cut bathing suit or halter top. Consider purchasing a bathing suit with a solid dark-colored bottom and a patterned top to draw the eyes upward. A bow in between the breasts or a unique bikini top with molded cups will highlight your appearance while taking away attention down below. Visit a site like for more options.