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Three Ways To Make Your Laundromat Visits Easier

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When you're a young adult moving away from home for the first time, one of the biggest changes you'll notice relates to your laundry situation. Whether your parent did this job for you or you had the convenience of a laundry room down the hall, you might now be adjusting to the prospect of taking your clothes and bedding to a laundromat near your home. There's no need to be intimidated about using a laundromat -- while the machines might be different than what you've used, they require a minimal period of adjustment and you'll soon be breezing through the work. Want to make the experience as easy as possible? Here are three ways to achieve that goal.

Separate Your Loads At Home

If the laundromat is busy, the last thing you want is for all the machines to be occupied and force you to sit and wait for someone's cycle to finish. You can ensure that your laundry is ready to go into a machine as soon as you arrive at the laundromat by sorting your loads at home. Generally, this means grouping your whites and your colors into separate bags -- bags are easier to carry than trying to lug a basket to the laundromat -- and putting any delicate items into mesh bags. By having this work done in advance, you'll be ready to get the washing started right away.

Find A Low-Traffic Time

Given that you won't want to waste your time waiting for a machine to become available, it's often ideal to find a low-traffic time to visit your local laundromat. While this strategy can mean changing up your routine on laundry day a little bit, it's worthwhile as you can save a significant amount of time. While there's no universally accepted time to visit the laundromat, doing so late at night or first thing in the morning on a weekend will typically have plenty of machine availability.

Know The Exact Length Of The Cycles

If you're the type of person who chooses to leave the laundromat and run a few errands while your clothing is washing or drying, take some time to first familiarize yourself with the exact length of each cycle. Doing so means you can set your watch or a timer app on your smartphone to ensure you're back in time. Being late and having another customer remove your clothing -- and perhaps pile freshly washed clothes on the floor -- can mean you might have to run the load again, which is highly inefficient.

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