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4 Tips To Keep Your Work Boots Smelling Great No Matter What

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One of the biggest problems that plagues blue collar workers is the infamous foot funk that comes with any tough job. While it may seem like a hard task to keep up with, there are a number of solutions to this age-old issue. Here are four ways to keep your boots smelling as fresh as the day you bought them. 

Wear Wool Socks

What a lot of workers don't know is that your choice of socks can make a surprising difference in the condition of your boots, especially in terms of fragrance. While cotton tube socks are one of the more common options to wear under work boots, wool socks do a much better job of keeping your feet dry and fresh. That's because wool breathes and wicks moisture very well, as opposed to cotton, which holds on to moisture that can make your boots stink quickly. 

Air Them Out

As a general rule, it's best to alternate boots on a daily basis to avoid imparting a nasty odor on your boots. This allows your boots to breathe and dry out, keeping them from developing a nasty smell. If you need to get your boots ready quicker than this, putting them in front of a fan will help speed things along. However, one mistake many boot owners make is to put their wet boots on a radiator. This practice can greatly shorten the life of your leather boots by drying them out, which can cause them to crack and get some unsightly wrinkles over time. 

Opt for Leather Over Artificial Materials

Artificial materials like polyester have a tendency to be very hard to get rid of scents, even with clothes that can be washed in the washing machine. This problem is expedited when these materials are used in boots, which are much harder to clean of odors. Natural leather, on the other hand, has a pleasant smell, and won't absorb odors as readily as nylon and polyester, especially if you air out your leather boots as previously recommended. 

Use Cedar Shoe Trees

Many men only use shoe trees for their dress shoes and upscale casual shoes, but the truth is that shoe trees can also help extend the life of your work boots. Keeping any kind of shoe tree in your boots can help them retain their shape for years, and using trees made of fragrant cedar acts to extract moisture from your shoes and give them a pleasant woody scent. To learn more, contact a business like White's Boots.