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4 Next-Level Ways To Show Your School Spirit On Gameday

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When the big rival team comes to town, there's just as much competition in the parking lot tailgating as there is on the field, court, or rink. This battle of school spirit comes down to who can be louder, more colorful, and rowdier, and there's no better way to satisfy all three of these requirements than with some crazy school spirit garb. Here are four ways to show your school spirit as loudly as possible and show your rival school whose fan base rules supreme in the stadium and at the tailgate. 

Picnic Tent

Using a simple white tent to protect your tailgaters from the harsh rays of the sun or the chill of a fall rain is simply common courtesy. Getting a tent branded with a bulldog, falcon, or any school mascot gives you some dominance over the tailgating landscape in a prominent and instantly recognizable way. Adding a tall flag for the top of your tent gives you an extra leg up over the competing fans and makes it easier for friends to find your tailgate on a crowded field. 


So you've got the t-shirt jersey, a pair of appropriately-colored pants, and a baseball cap emblazoned with your team's logo. While you might feel totally decked out, one look down and you're just any other tailgater with your boring tennis shoes. Getting a custom pair of college flip flops with your school's logo on them are a perfect option for summer and fall sports like football and baseball. A nice set of cowboy boots with a college logo on them plays on the Southwester heritage of schools in places like Arizona and New Mexico. 

Funky Hats

Sure, a baseball cap can show that you like a certain team, but in order to really go over-the-top, you need to use your noggin in more than one. Boston College fans have been known to sport hats that feature eagle wings that flap when you pull a string. No hockey fan's getup is complete without a Nordic-style hat colored along with the color scheme of your school's team. Creativity is key here and feel free to add to an existing baseball cap for something truly unique. 

Custom Cornhole

Cornhole is a classic tailgating game that involves tossing a sand bag into a hole in an angled plywood board. Since this game is so simple, it's easy to customize it to fit your needs or your favorite school's colors. With just a jigsaw, drill, some supplies, and an afternoon, you can build your very own cornhole set and paint it to fit your school's color scheme as a festive form of entertainment that will enhance any tailgate.