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Want To Sell Your Jogging Stroller Through A Consignment Shop? Use These Tips

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When your baby has started to grow out of their jogging stroller, you might be thinking about getting a new stroller to take its place. One way to do this without spending too much money is to sell the jogging stroller you already have. You may have heard of consignment shops so you might want to sell there, but if that's your plan, it's a good idea to use the following tips to do so successfully.

Clean the Stroller Thoroughly

You may think that your stroller looks fine--after all, kids are kids, right?--but doing a deep clean on it before you take it to a consignment shop will help you get a better price for it. Vacuum the seat to make sure there are no crumbs or lint stuck in the corners, and use a stain remover on the seat if necessary. You might even want to take the entire stroller outside and hose it down with soapy water and your garden hose, letting it dry in the sun before taking it to a shop.

Know the Stroller Specifications

If you no longer have the product information provided by the manufacturer, it's a smart idea to do a little research before you take it to the consignment shop. The information you provide may affect how much a shop sells your stroller. In particular, find out something about the weight requirements and other specifications that would be useful for any parent buying a new stroller. The more information you can provide to the consignment shop, the more accurately they will be able to price it for you. 

While doing research, you might also want to research the selling price of a used jogging stroller like yours; it can give you an idea of how much you can expect to be offered by the consignment shop.

Decide How You'd Like to Be Paid

If you have never sold things at a consignment shop before, you may not know exactly how it works. Some shops will offer you money right away, while others offer you a percentage of what they expect to sell it for and wait until the product sells before they give you the rest of the money.

While it is largely a matter of what you prefer when making a decision about what kind of shop to take your stroller to; if they only offer you a percentage upfront, you should find out what happens if the stroller doesn't sell. You need to find out if you can take it back and try to sell it elsewhere. 

Use the tips described in this article to be successful when selling your jogging stroller. Talk with a number of different consignment shops before you make your final decision about which shop to go with.