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Picking The Right Men's Riding Clothing For Horseback Riding

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When it comes to being comfortable while enjoying riding a horse, clothing can make all the difference between a fun day of riding and an irritated day of chafing. You want to choose clothing that is both protective and well-fitting, from your riding helmet to your breeches. Here is a guide to help you pick the right kind of gear for your horseback riding hobby.


Breeches come in a variety of protective styles. Pikeur mens breeches, for example, come in styles that have knee padding or protective full-seat padding for your riding enjoyment. If you are doing a lot of tricks and jumps with your horse, then a full-seated pair of breeches with a long crotch for comfort and sturdy grip are what you need. For turns and ground work, you will want to choose breeches with knee padding to comfort you in the event of a fall. Choose breeches with side closures for easy removal and wear.


You want to choose a shirt that is lightweight while still offering ample sun protection so you don't get sunburned while out in the elements. You want to choose a riding shirt that has enough room in the armpit area for easy movement, and one that is long enough to remain tucked in when doing jumps and other tricks. If comfort is a concern, buy a riding shirt one size larger than you normally wear so you have full range of motion without feeling too tight in your riding clothing. Cotton and polo style shirts are common casual riding attire that you can buy in a variety of colors.


Riding gloves, boots, a helmet, and socks are all needed gear to fully enjoy your horseback riding experience. Choose a helmet that fits snugly over your head with a chin strap that doesn't dig in. Try on helmets to make sure they do not shift when you move your head side-to-side or jump up and down. Leather riding gloves with grips in them give you greater control of your reigns. Pick an exact size of riding gloves to prevent blisters from your gloves slipping around. Socks should be long enough to be tucked into riding boots and made of a breathable, cotton material with stretch. Finally, your riding boots should fit snugly without slipping in your heels or arch so you have the best grip while in the stirrups.

When enjoying horseback riding, the right gear can make all the difference. From your breeches to your boots, make sure the apparel you choose fits well so you don't end up getting chafed or injured while in the saddle. Your local horseback riding apparel store personnel can help you find the best style of apparel for your specific needs.