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Just Got Your First Job Out Of College? What To Focus On When Updating Your Wardrobe

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Making the transition from college student to professional employee might be more overwhelming than you expected, especially when deciding what to wear to work. You might want to update your wardrobe, but there are so many different pieces out there that you aren't sure what to focus on without spending a lot of money. Let the tips below give you some idea of what you should be concentrating your efforts on when you want to update the way you dress so that you can look like a true professional.

Buy Jackets Regularly

Unlike sweaters, jackets can give you the air of an upwardly mobile professional. They can instantly dress up a lot of the pieces you already own. A crisp white jacket will work to keep you warm, of course, but it can also dress up that simple black dress in your closet.

Look for jackets that are somewhat fitted. Avoid jackets that seem boxy or large, even if they are comfortable; at work, you'll need to look well-put together, and jackets that cinch in the waist or are tailored to fit your body are better choices. Add to your jacket collection regularly so you have multiple looks.

Buy Better Quality Items

You may balk at the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive jacket or a new suit, but keep in mind the old saying that "you get what you pay for." The quality of expensive garments may help them last longer than other clothing, so that you won't have to spend money to replace the item year after year.

You might not always have to pay retail price for your better quality clothes. You may be able to find and buy expensive clothing by using online coupons, thrift stores and online auctions. You may even live near a secondhand store where you can find good-quality jackets on sale, for instance.

Learn to Love Accessories

One of the things that really pulls together an outfit is the ability to accessorize well. You may already have necklaces and bracelets that are tasteful enough to wear to work, but it's time to really make them work for you. You might have to wear the same clothes every few weeks, but using different accessories each time you wear the same piece can create an entirely new look. For instance, you might wear your warmest navy blazer or jacket every week. Wearing it one time with a gold lariat necklace and another time with a set of pearls will give you two distinct looks.

Now that you have some ideas for updating your look for work, use the information laid out here to help you dress professionally and stylishly. Keep your eyes peeled for sales and ask coworkers and friends in the workforce for more suggestions. Contact a company like Unique Styles TX for more information.