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Why Blue Jeans Are For Seniors

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Blue jeans are everywhere in the United States and for good reason, they are comfortable, stylish, and affordable. As you grow older, you may hear or read about the need to "dress your age," whatever that may mean. Should you give up your blue jeans as you head for retirement and don elastic-waist pants and tasteful cardigans instead? Or can you stick with your favorite jeans until you are unable to dress yourself anymore?  


At this point in history, many people have been wearing blue jeans since they were infants. If you are old enough, you have been through the cycle of styles once or twice, including bell-bottoms, flairs, straight-legged, and skinny jeans. They are your go-to pants for a reason: they are comfortable. Even better, the longer you wear them the more comfortable they become. A good pair of jeans adapts to every curve of your body. Sure you can pay to have your jeans tailored, but many of them tailor themselves to your unique shape. Whether you are twenty or seventy, nothing is more comfortable than a good pair of jeans. 


Sure, as you age you may want to give up the latest trends, particularly if they involve a very low cut and lots of rhinestones. You can still find styles that will work for your aging body, even if you are not in tiptop shape. A nice mid-rise or natural waist pair labeled "relaxed fit" works for much of the population. You can still experiment with a variety of denim washes to keep current. In fact, you may be able to find a pair of jeans today that reminds you of your favorite pair from 30 years ago. That alone will make you feel young.


Blue jeans still have a limited place at work, but once you are retired, you can embrace your beloved denim on a daily basis. And just like the younger crowd, you can dress up your jeans with a nice blouse and blazer when you go out. You can stick with a t-shirt or sweatshirt when you are home playing with the grandkids. Blue jeans are appropriate for all ages. The only thing that will make them inappropriate for an older person is if they do not fit well. Of course, poorly fitting blue jeans are not appropriate for anyone.

You do not have to give up your blue jeans unless you want to do so. They are comfortable and appropriate for any stage of your life as long as they fit well. If you want to embrace polyester, do so, but for many people, denim is the lifelong choice.