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How To Care For Your Leather Handbag

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You've probably had a leather handbag or two in your lifetime, but have you ever really taken good care of one, and not simply used it until it looks awful and then moved onto another bag? You can make those leather handbags last a lot longer by giving them the proper care necessary. See below for care tips for your leather handbag.

Water Or Rain Damage

If your leather bag happens to get caught in the rain, don't fret. Take your leather bag into a dry area and carefully wipe off as much water as possible. Then allow it to dry in a warm area (close to a vent or radiator if possible, but not too close that it dries it out). For bags that are heavily water damaged, empty everything out of the bag and stuff it with something to help it hold its shape, such as newspaper. Then allow it to dry in a warm area. To help prevent water damage from occurring, you can weatherproof your bag using a waterproofing leather cream on your bag. You can find this type of cream or oil at your local grocery store or at a leather store.

Dried Out Or Crack Damage

After time, leather can dry out and crack or even peel. If it's just beginning to crack or just feels rough, it can be repaired by using a leather handbag cream to restore the natural oils to the leather. You can also use vegetable oil or coconut cream applied to the leather. Be sure to test the cream or oil to an inconspicuous area first so you do not damage the entire bag. For bags that have started to peel from being too dried out, it may be time to replace your handbag.

Scratching Damage

Some leather can scratch easily, especially if it is a little dried out. To help repair these scratches, apply a small amount of vegetable oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil or even baby oil to a clean rag. Then lightly rub the scratch with the oil on the rag to help "buff" out the scratch. You'll notice the scratch disappear. You may need to blend the area with the rest of your bag, so just rub a little more oil to the rest of your bag if need be to help blend it in.

Other General Care Tips

  • Oils on your hand can transfer to your leather bag, try your best to keep your hands clean before touching your bag. Especially if you've just applied lotion to your hands, allow them to dry before touching the bag.
  • Keep your handbag stuffed with tissue paper to help keep its shape when not in use.
  • Use handbag protector bags when not in use to help prevent dust from building up on your bag and drying out the leather. You can find these protective bags at most big box stores in the organizing section, or your handbag may have come with one. A new cotton (plain white) pillow case will also work.

Protecting your handbag from getting damaged by maintaining and caring for it properly is essential to keeping your bag looking like new. Contact a company like S.Marco to learn more.