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Taking Dance Lessons In Anticipation Of Your Wedding? What Should You Wear?

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If you're planning to surprise the guests at your upcoming wedding reception with a showstopping dance number, you may already be taking lessons with your betrothed in anticipation of your big moment. However, dancing in a wedding dress and shoes -- or a tuxedo -- can be quite a challenge, especially if you're doing a complicated number that requires spins, flips, or sliding across the dance floor. What can you do to avoid ruining your expensive wedding ensemble while ensuring you hit every beat? Read on to learn more about some clothing and accessories that can allow you to maintain a refined, classy look at your wedding reception while dancing the night away.

What factors will you want to consider when selecting your dance outfit? 

The first is comfort. Although you'll want to look sophisticated in front of your guests (especially as you're likely to be permanently preserved in photos and video), you'll also want to enjoy yourself -- and constantly tugging at your dress's bodice or suffering through a dance in too-tight shoes can quickly ruin any fun you're having. Your self-consciousness or discomfort can also shine through in your dancing, tarnishing the mood you've worked so hard to create. You'll want to ensure your clothing is loose enough to accommodate your dancing (including splits and kicks) to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. Look for simple lines and high-quality materials to help you find an outfit that will give you the room to move without appearing sloppy. 

The next factor to be considered is safety. If you have the opportunity to practice your dance a few times on the floor you'll actually be using, this is ideal -- but if not, you'll want to make sure the shoes you select have enough grip to prevent you from slipping and falling. If you or your partner will be sliding across the floor during part of your number, you'll also want pants made from a slick material that won't risk snagging or causing a painful floor burn.  

What are your best clothing options when executing a complicated dance routine?

For women, some ideal dancing outfit options can include a short (or short-ish) cocktail-style dress or a dress with a flared skirt, as both can provide comfort and sophistication. Depending upon the dances you've planned, you may need to wear high heels to put you at the right height compared to your new spouse -- and if these heels are more than kitten height, you may want to reinforce the soles of your shoes with rubbery grips that will prevent you from slipping or rolling your ankle. 

For men, losing the tuxedo jacket and wearing a simple vest and satin dance pants can give you flexibility without requiring you to change your look too much. Those who really want to steal the show or provide the audience with a surprise dance number may even opt for tear-away pants. 

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