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How To Pull Off A Nautical-Themed Baby Shower For Parents Of A Boy

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The late spring is a good time to host a nautical theme for a baby shower. It is a season of new beginnings, flowers, and sunshine. These things are why the spring and a nautical theme are a good fit together. This theme is categorized by yellow accents, sea stars, shells, and decorations in the colors of navy blue and white.

A mom and dad who love the water are going to enjoy seeing this event play out. Read on to find out how to pull off a nautical-themed baby shower for parents of a boy.

Send Out Theme Invitations

Your invitation is your first chance to impress your guests. It tells your guests everything they need to know about the baby shower. This information includes the date, time, the guest of honor, the host, the dress code, the theme, and the type of food being served. You want the invitations to tie in with your theme.

It helps to brainstorm some ideas of the way you want your invitations to look. For example, you can make the invitations similar to a treasure map or make them into the shape of a sailboat. Another option is just buying invitations with that theme.

Ask The Guests To Bring Gifts With A Nautical Theme

Guests are free to buy the things that they think the couple can use for a new baby. Common items include onesies, diapers, toys, diaper wipes, baby powder, and blankets. However, you should politely ask for nautical baby boy clothes. Many guests are going to buy clothes anyways. This request is not over the top.

The origin of nautical clothing came about from explorers, seaman and sailors. Sea explorers spent long hours at sea while fighting the weather elements. They needed clothes to protect against the harsh life of being on the sea.

Nautical clothes are warm, durable, and practical. They also come in that versatile shade of navy blue.

Use Nautical Items In The Decorations

The party decorations are what pull the theme together. Choosing nautical items can help with achieving the look. For example, you can put "welcome on board" plaques, fish nets, and anchors around the room. The theme allows you to get creative and choose the right decorations to fit your vision.

If you are hosting the party, then you want to make sure the mom-to-be has a good time. You can achieve this with good company, good food, and good party planning skills.