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What To Look For In A Fishing Shirt

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Fishing is a fun pastime that can be enjoyed any time of the year. When fishing in the warmer seasons, you need to protect your body from the sun while keeping yourself comfortable at the same time. Since weather can be warm from spring until fall, you want to make sure you have a variety of fishing shirts to meet the various weather changes.

Here are some ideas to follow when it comes to selecting a fishing shirt. You can use this guide to select both t-shirt styles and longer-sleeved shirts for layering, just in case.

Arm movement

The last thing you want is a shirt that restricts arm movement. You want a fishing shirt that has a large armpit hole, so when you cast, you don't feel your shirt catching across your chest and under your arms. Southern brand t-shirts are a good choice, for example.

For optimum comfort, select a shirt that will reshape itself in the wash and not remain stretched out. Cotton or a cotton-polyester blend are ideal materials for a fine fishing shirt.

Long length

You want to choose a fishing shirt that reaches beyond your waistband so that you can tuck your shirt in as needed. If you prefer to leave your shirt free, then select a longer length that doesn't expose your stomach when you raise your hands high. A longer shirt prevents having to constantly readjust your shirt as you twist and move with casting.

Stain resistance

A fishing shirt is bound to get dirty. When cleaning fish or even preparing your fishing hooks, your shirt will end up with mud, debris, and fishing matter on its surface. You want a shirt that is stain resistant or of a color that is easy to clean. Opt for darker shirts in gray, green, navy, or tan hues over white — white is difficult to keep clean.

Tag-free style

An itchy shirt is often a result of having a tag that sticks out in the back or side of the garment. To avoid chafing in the sun when wearing a fishing shirt, opt for a tag-less design. Many shirt makers — particularly brands that specialize in performance-wear shirts — feature washing instructions and sizes inside the shirt without a tag at all.

You can buy multiple shirts for your fishing needs, so you always have a garment handy for your next fishing adventure. Make sure to try shirts on before you buy them to ensure a correct fit as not every brand fits the same as another.