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How To Care For Men's Circle S Brand Polyester Dress Pants

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Circle S brand clothing offers a variety of men's dress pant styles for any occasion. The pants are typically constructed of 100-percent polyester or a polyester and rayon blend, sometimes featuring stretch for a stylish, comfortable fit. 

When choosing the perfect style of Circle S Brand dress pants for your body type and personal style, it's best to try them on before purchasing. Some dress pant variations include the Western style, which is ideal for wearing with cowboy boots, traditional suit pants that coordinate with matching jackets for formal occasions, and ranch slacks, which feature straight, roomy legs. 

You can find men's dress pants in the traditional colors of black, tan, khaki and either steel, heather or dark grey. If you need slacks in a specific color, such as blue, to match a jacket you already own, you may have to special order them. 

Dress pants are appropriate wear for a wide range of everyday and special events, including the office, corporate meetings, holiday parties and celebrations such as baptisms, anniversaries and weddings. It's important that the pants are just the right fit and made of a durable, wrinkle-free fabric blend so that you'll be comfortable all day or night long. 

To keep your polyester or polyester blend dress pants looking and performing their best, consider these care tips:

1. Washing

Polyester pants are convenient in that they are machine-washable, so you don't have to take them to the dry cleaner. Since polyester is considered an easy-care fabric, you can safely wash the slacks in warm water and your preferred laundry soap. Avoid using hot water, which can damage the fabric fibers. 

If you frequently stain your pants with spilled coffee or other food and beverages, choose a detergent with stain-fighting enzymes, or pre-treat the spots with a clothing stain fighter. Try to treat any oily stains, such as butter, right away so that they don't set into the polyester. 

2. Drying and Ironing 

Dry the pants on your dryer's "permanent press" setting, and avoid overfilling the machine, which can cause fabric to wrinkle. If you live in a dry climate that can produce static cling, you can place a fabric softener sheet in the dryer. Take the dried pants out  of the machine right away and carefully fold them over a hanger before storing.

Before ironing the dress slacks on the iron's "medium heat" setting, slightly moisten them with a water spray bottle first. High, dry heat can melt polyester fibers.