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3 Ways To Style Your Short-Sleeve Tee Shirts

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Short-sleeve tee shirts are a comfortable addition to any wardrobe. While they work with everything from ripped jeans to flowy skirts, many people overlook the fact that they can be styled all kinds of different ways. Here are three fast, easy ways to style your short-sleeve tees and why mixing it up can be helpful sometimes. 

1. Tuck In The Front

If you want to make yourself appear taller and polish up your look a little bit, you can always try the "French tuck," which involves tucking in the front part of your tee shirt and leaving the back out. This modern take on the tucked shirt is perfect anytime you are wearing a larger tee shirt and need to give your look a little more shape. 

However, the French tuck may not work so well if you are wearing a more form-fitted shirt. Try this style trend with a pair of jeans and a blazer or with a patterned tee shirt and a plain pencil skirt for a casual summer look. 

2. Tie The Corner

There are times when you may really want to show a little skin. Whether you are headed to the pool and want to show off your cute swimsuit or you are trying to make a statement, you can always try the 90s trend of tying the corner of your tee in a knot. 

Tying the corner into a knot creates a semi-angular look that really helps to break up lines and slim the body, which may be why it was so popular 30 years ago or so. When you tie your tee shirt, make sure you have enough fabric so the knot doesn't have to be too tight. Otherwise, you risk stretching out the shirt corner. 

3. Add An Extra Layer

When the weather cools at night, you may be looking for a way to warm up that tee-shirt without covering it up. To add a little more comfort to your tee shirt, consider putting on a long-sleeved base layer and putting the shirt on over the top. 

Anytime you shop for short-sleeve shirts, make sure to look for the USA-made label. Supporting businesses here in the USA helps to provide jobs for people in the community, which can make a big difference for the country's economy and for individuals who are trying to pave their way. Additionally, purchasing USA-made goods usually means seeking refunds is easier, which can simplify your day. 

To learn more, contact a resource that carries USA-made tee shirts.