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Getting Your Message Across Via Screen-Printed Clothing

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If you wish to boost your business' sales, advertising to potential customers is helpful. Purchasing screen-printed clothing for employees and customers to wear aids in getting the word out about your business to people in your neighborhood and beyond. Here are tips to ensure the material printed on your clothing pieces are noticed.

Pick The Right Color Scheme

It is important that the screen-printed wording and images you want to be noticed are presented in colors that are easy on the eyes. Using lighter shades for fonts do not work well unless you are using clothing material in a contrasting shade. Also, darker shades are received better if they are presented with lighter-colored fabric. When selecting colors for your screen printing, stick with just a few hues rather than a spectrum of the whole rainbow. When someone walks past a potential customer, being able to read the information without hesitation makes a difference in whether the message is getting across.

Use Larger Print For Optimal Results

A shirt, bag, or hat with tiny printing upon it is less likely to be noticed by others. Using large font works well at projecting information quickly and efficiently. A screen printing service assists in the selection of font size when a custom job is conducted. Ask the service to see examples of their work before committing to the font size. If possible, have someone try on an example piece of clothing and have them walk past you. This way you have an idea about how much of the text is readable when someone passes at a fast pace.

Sometimes Less Is More

If you try to jam-pack as much information as possible onto a piece of clothing, people who come into contact with it are less likely to retain any of the information you provide. Stick with the most important aspects pertaining to your business such as the services or wares you offer. Make sure to include identifying information about your business including your address and phone number. If you have a website, use this information on your clothing pieces so potential customers can visit it at their leisure and learn more about the service you provide on their own. In addition to wording, use simple photographs, caricatures, or symbols to represent your business rather than a splashy scene full of detail. Business information often becomes lost in art when it is too elaborate.