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Qualities And Features To Look For In A Leather Belt

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Leather belts are so versatile. You can wear them with dress pants to a semi-formal event, or you can wear the same belt out in the woods with your jeans. Both black and brown belts tend to match and coordinate with a wide range of clothing colors, too. But not every leather belt is the same. There are a few qualities and features you want to look out for when buying a leather belt.

Moderate Width

A leather belt that is too thin may look silly when paired with pants with wider belt loops. One that is too thick may not fit in some of your belt loops. So, in general, a belt with a medium width tends to be your best, most versatile option. Look for a leather belt that's between an inch and 1.5 inches wide. A 1.5-inch leather belt is the perfect width to call attention to itself and offer great support for your pants, but should still fit in most belt loops. If you wear a smaller size or know you don't like the chunky look, a 1-inch belt may be ideal.

Sturdy Hardware

The leather part of a belt can last forever, especially if you care for the leather properly by conditioning it. What often wears out the fastest is the hardware on the belt — the metal buckle. So, pay close attention to the buckle quality when selecting a leather belt. The heavier and thicker the metal, the better. You're best off looking for a belt with a stainless steel buckle, rather than one with a nickel buckle. 

Smooth Finish

Leather belts come in all sorts of different textures, but your best bet is usually a belt with a smooth finish. Belts with a smooth finish tend to discolor less over time. They are also easier to clean. You can use essentially any leather soap and conditioner on them. Suede belts or those with more texture, on the other hand, may require specialized cleaners and can discolor if you use the wrong cleaners. This may seem like a small matter, but if you want your belt to last, you don't want it to immediately become stained and discolored just when you were trying to maintain it.

A leather belt that's about 1-1.5 inches wide, has a smooth finish, and has a thick and sturdy buckle should serve you well for many years to come. Visit a site like to order a leather belt.