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Good Features To Look For In A Men's Sun Shirt

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If you spend a lot of time outside in the sun in the summer, then you may want to invest in a men's sun shirt. Wearing a sun shirt is a lot easier than having to apply sunscreen each time you go outside. You won't have to worry about the powdery residue on your skin, or about forgetting to re-apply the lotion throughout the day. There are a lot of men's sun shirts on the market, though, so how do you pick one? Here are some key features to look for.

A Hood

Always look for a sun shirt with a hood. You may not wear the hood up all of the time, but if you are leaning over, such as when weeding garden beds, being able to pull the hood up is a good way to protect the back of your neck from the sun. Also, if you have short hair, you'll need some sun protection for your head, and a hood provides that. Choosing a hooded sun shirt keeps you from having to separately keep track of a hat.

Breathable Fabric in the Under Arms

Sun shirts are typically made from thin material so that they don't get too warm. But some are made with extra breathable, mesh-like fabric in the armpit areas. This mesh material is not always as UV-proof as the material used to make the rest of the sun shirt. However, it doesn't really need to be in the armpit. The fact that it is breathable will keep you a lot cooler, and it will also help keep odors at bay in this often-sweaty area.

Looser Fit

Some people like their clothing more close-fitting than others. It's mostly a matter of preference. However, with a sun shirt, you almost always want a somewhat looser fit. This will keep the fabric from sticking to your skin when you get warm. The looseness also helps ensure some air can get between you and the shirt, which will help keep you cool when the sun is beaming down on you. If you know you'll be cool in your sun shirt, you are more likely to actually wear it!

If you can manage to find a men's sun shirt with a hood, breathable armpits, and a looser fit, then you will be off to a good start. Buy yourself one to begin, and if you like it, you may want to go back for some extra colors. Keep these tips in mind when looking for men's hooded sun shirts near you.