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Transform Day Dresses Into Evening Dresses

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If you want to pack light for a combination vacation and business affair, you may have considered transforming your daywear into evening wear. Modest dresses can be worn while sightseeing or shopping. At night, the same garments can be worn and accentuated with a blazer, a wrap, some shoes, and some jewelry. 

Keep It Simple

A bold pattern that is on the bodice of a dress could be distracting. This could make a garment appropriate for some settings, but inappropriate for others. If you would like to achieve a modest and well-polished look, purchase dresses that are plain colors. Choose colors that are representative of the season. A longer style dress will not look out of place while sightseeing, plus can provide you with a respectable look that will work out for any business dealings that you need to handle in the evening.

A maxi dress is a popular dress style that may be fitted or semi-fitted. This type of dress will extend down toward the ankles, providing full-body coverage. If a maxi dress will be worn outdoors on a relatively hot day, investing in some sleeveless or short-sleeved garments will ensure that you stay cool and comfortble. At night a linen blazer or a lightweight wrap can be used to conceal your shoulders and upper arms.

Choose Accessories

Bold jewelry and high heels can instantly transform a daywear dress into one that looks sophisticated and suitable to be worn in a formal setting. Choose gold or silver jewelry that contains wide bands or chains. Opt for a pair of hoop earrings or a pair of gold or silver-plated studs. Keep all of your jewelry essentials inside of a bag or jewelry case. If you will be switching between activities during the day and evening, you can simply put on the jewelry, prior to heading into an event that will require that you are dressed formally.

During the day, you will likely want to wear comfortable walking shoes that will correspond with the dresses that you will be wearing. At night, however, you may be seeking a more polished look. Purchase a pair of heels that are black or have a neutral tone. Open-toed or close-toed heels can be worn with many dress styles. Purchase a couple of pairs of heels, to provide your wardrobe with diversity. To complete the transformation from a day look to a night one, place your hair in an upsweep or another fancy style.

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