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Top Reasons To Buy A Nice Pair Of Flip Flops

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If you are looking for a nice pair of shoes to add to your wardrobe, then you could be looking at different styles and types. One option is to invest in a nice pair of flip-flops. If you’ve never worn flip-flops much or at all, you could be wondering why they’re a good option for your wardrobe. These are a few reasons why flip-flops might be a good type of shoe for you to invest in. Read More»

Transform Day Dresses Into Evening Dresses

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If you want to pack light for a combination vacation and business affair, you may have considered transforming your daywear into evening wear. Modest dresses can be worn while sightseeing or shopping. At night, the same garments can be worn and accentuated with a blazer, a wrap, some shoes, and some jewelry.  Keep It Simple A bold pattern that is on the bodice of a dress could be distracting. This could make a garment appropriate for some settings, but inappropriate for others. Read More»

How To Accessorize Your Parisian Vintage Cream Floral Ruffle Dress For Any Occasion

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Spring is right around the corner, and with it comes the arrival of floral dresses on the fashion scene. Purchasing a new Parisian vintage cream floral ruffle dress is a great way to welcome the refreshing season of spring. Learning how to accessorize and wear your new floral dress will enhance the beauty of your dress and will keep you up to date with the latest fashion trends. Casual Comfort Read More»