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3 Tips For Being An Eco Friendly New Parent

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In this day and age, more and more people have become interested in living a lifestyle that is eco friendly and green. If you're a person who is committed to sustainable, healthy living and reducing your carbon footprint, you're sure to want to know how to continue your current lifestyle after becoming a parent. Use the following tips to be an earth friendly parent and raise your child in the healthiest manner possible:

Say No to Disposable Diapers

Disposable diapers may be convenient, but after your new child uses one and you throw it away it will sit in a landfill for many years. Cloth diapers are a green option that doesn't have to require a ton of time, skill, or money. The cloth diapers of today are a lot different than in the past-- they come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and all-in-one cloth diapers easily button or fasten without the use of any types of pins.

Make sure that you only wash cloth diapers when you have a full load to save water and energy. If possible, hang your baby's diapers to dry outside during the warm months. Many high quality cloth diapers last for a long time, so you can use them for more than one child.

Purchase Eco Friendly Apparel

What goes on your child's skin is very important, so when you're looking for something that is free of chemicals and dyes, choose organic baby clothes. Most organic baby clothing is made of sustainable material such as organic cotton, soybean fiber, or bamboo fiber. These types of materials are grown without the use of pesticides or unnatural fertilizers, and they have a low environmental impact. Since organic baby clothing is not highly processed, it may also stand up better to washing and being worn often.

Make Your Own Organic Baby Food

When your baby reaches the point of starting solids, making your own organic baby food is something that is simple and easy to do. In many cases, organic vegetables can be steamed and then pureed by adding a little bit of filtered water and using a high powered blender or a hand-held immersion blender. Organic fruit typically doesn't need to be cooked in any way to make baby food, but adding a little bit of filtered water, breast milk, or organic formula before blending it can make it much easier to create a puree that a young baby can easily consume.